Global Forum

The Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is the annual global conference on participatory and direct-­democratic procedures and practices around the world. It has convened seven times since 2008:

The next gatherings take place in Taichung/Taiwan (October 2-5, 2019) and Bern/Switzerland (September 23-26, 2020).

Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy – A Brief History of the Global Conference on Citizens’ Rights
(PDF, 22.03.2019)

The forums bring together as many as 700 professionals, creating the world’s foremost network of direct democracy experts. Modern digital communication tools make it possible for people anywhere in the world to join in the discussions and share information (#Cities4Citizens, #deardemocracy).

The coordinating International Consortium includes representatives from not SDF and Democracy International, and also academic institutions such as Arizona State University and international organisations such as the Council of Europe and International IDEA.